Safe Streets

Safe streets come in many forms. The primary need is, of course, to have excellent law enforcement and crime prevention by our local police force as well as ongoing community education regarding fire prevention and other public safety measures.

Strong Neighborhoods

We need to change our housing inventory. We have an overabundance of older homes – 60% of our houses are over 50 years old. It makes it hard to attract people who are looking for more modern homes – who don’t want renovate or who want larger homes than many of our existing houses.

Thriving Economy

A thriving economy depends on a city’s ability to attract new businesses, to preserve and support existing businesses, and to provide the “quality of life” amenities that are attractive to high wage earners.  It means a healthy balance of housing types, a highly trained workforce, and companies that offer high paying jobs.

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My name is Gay LaRue and I am a candidate for the office of City Council. The election is May 6, 2014, and I am asking for your support.

The reason I am seeking this office is because I want to change the conversation about our city from “Why would I want to live there?” to “Why WOULDN’T I want to live here!”

The combination of a successful career in business as a financial advisor and my long-time civic involvement creates, I believe, a recipe for creative and thoughtful leadership on our City Council. Please take a look at my “bio” page to learn more about my background and the qualities I bring to this effort.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have, or any issues you would like to discuss with me. I look forward to the opportunity to listen to and to talk with you.